Welcome to Passionate Partnership – Couples leading the life they love together

Welcome to Passionate Partnership – the online community that enables you to create together the life you have dreamed about.

What if there was a place you and your partner could go to get help with all aspects of your relationship? Somewhere where everyone was pulling for you to have a happy and fulfilled life together.

Whether you are dealing with major rift in your relationship that seems unsolvable, or you woke up one day wondering what you are doing with your life together, PassionatePartnership.org is a place to come to create the future together you have dreamed of. Share your problems with other couples who have overcome challenges together, singles and couples struggling with the same problems as you, and with professionals who are committed to couples succeeding in all areas of their lives. Find solutions that transform the way you are thinking about your problems, and truely turn your lives together around in ways that will amaze you. Come from a perspective of what is possible rather than what is impossible.

randj18anniv_smlRight now, you have found the website in its startup or formulation phase. That means we have more ideas at the moment than areas of the site that you can use and content that is available. But that means you can get involved in making something that will be amazing and have a huge impact for couple’s lives together. Please Contact Us to join the founders, Richard and Jennifer, in the Passionate Partnership forum area of the website to see what we are creating and how you can be involved.

Join us in creating passionate partnership one couple at a time!